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Past Videos

Welcome to our Past Videos!

Sit back and enjoy past videos featuring the dwarf entertainment, short people and little people entertainers from Dwarfsome Entertainment!

Dorito’s – Great With Salsa:

Features The People’s Dwarf, Jeremy Hallam as a Giant Dorito chip, 50 pug dogs, and buckets of salsa. Enjoy!

Hole In The Wall TV Show Episode 5 (Actors VS Reality):

Hole in the Wall TV Show, hosted by Jules Lund. Episode 5 was “Actors VS Reality”. The People’s Dwarf Jeremy Hallam featured as a special guest for the Actors team.

Phunked TV Promo with Skye Robinson:

The People’s Dwarf Jeremy Hallam featured alongside the H.O.T Skye Robinson in this sexy Phunked TV Promo Video.

Briggs – “Bad Move” Music Video

A music video clip from Briggs featuring the FouR FooT GiaNT.

Goliath – The World’s Strongest Dwarf:

Goliath (also known as The People’s Dwarf), performs a 10-12min strongman act. Here’s a sneak peek at one of his many feats of strength.

Secret Society Melbourne:

The Secret Society Melbourne Promo Video. How far would you go to get the key?? Featuring The People’s Dwarf, Jeremy Hallam. Enjoy!

Mr Big VS BigJem (PCW Wrestling Match):

BigJem challenged Mr Big to a wrestling match after their first match at the Matt & Jo Smackdown for Fox FM. The match highlights are at 40secs into the video below.

Mr Big gives Jingles a wedgie at his Stag (Bucks) Party:

Mr Big went along to Jingles bucks party as a personal trainer/drill sergeant and boy did he punish the buck.

Baroq House Fridays (Drewery Lane, Melbourne CBD):

2010 Promo video for Secret Society Melbourne and Baroq House Fridays. Featuring Nic Davidson, David Higgs and The People’s Dwarf, Jeremy Hallam.

Andy Murphy “Sony In The Mix Top 50” Promo Video:

The People’s Dwarf, Jeremy Hallam helped Andy Murphy out with some promotional work to get him votes for the Sony In The Mix Top 50.

Secret Society Melbourne – New Website Tutorial Video:

A visual tutorial video for the new Secret Society Melbourne website. Featuring The People’s Dwarf Jeremy Hallam, Nic Davidson and Bodie Czeladka.

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