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Welcome to our Testimonials section!

Read the dwarfsome feedback we’ve received about our dwarf actors, entertainers and performers from some of our clients…

– Hey Hey It’s Saturday –

(Featured as the Short Sisters and performed Beyonce’s Single Ladies)

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your very kind note to us all. It was indeed a pleasure to have you on Red Faces and congratulations on your win.

Apart from the prize money I’m so glad your appearance had the desired effect on your website.

We’ll let you know if there’s more fun to be had together on the show when we return later in the year.

Until then, continued success in all that you do.


Daryl Somers

– Nova 100 –

(Worked in their Spot-A-Dwarf Promotion on two separate days)

Thanks again for all your hard work with the Spot A Dwarf Promotion. Cheers.

– Chalcot Lodge Primary School –

(Motivational Speaker & Character Work as Capt Jack Sparrow)


I want to tell you that the manner in which you spoke to the kids yesterday was spot on for their age level.  The information you included, your order of delivery and the comfortable way you spoke was perfect.  Especially in the way you altered your manner of delivery for the older kids.

When we returned to the classroom, from your talk, the kids generated a list of sentences and comments to reflect upon what they learned and what they liked.  I think you would be very happy with their responses, not only because they love you, but because they got your message.  They said things like…

–          It’s good to be big or small
–          Size doesn’t matter, we are all people
–          You can be friends with anyone
–          If you bully people, you miss out on play and could lose your friends.
–          It’s good to be any size, just be a good person

You’ve done a very good thing for us.  Hada feels great, she’s been very happy and the kids are more understanding of who she is.  The kids are saying “dwarfsome”!  Hada’s mum, Raniyah, thanked me repeatedly for having you come to the school.  This is a family who not only are working out how to best care for their dwarven child, but have only been in the country for 6 months; and you have helped them to feel at home and be supported here.

Perhaps you remember Thomas, the autistic boy I talked to you about… He has really come to understand Hada now.  It wasn’t enough for him to hear it from me, he needed to meet you to understand.  You’ve helped an autistic child better understand people, which is a big achievement.  And you taught some pre adolescent who are starting to think they are a bit cool for school, that they need to have respect for others and respect for themselves.

Nicole N.
Chalcot Lodge Primary School

– Mount Lilydale Mercy College –

(Motivational Speaker & hosted their Year 9 End Of Year Concert)

Thanks Jem,

The kids really enjoyed the concert too. You are becoming a bit of a legend around here. Friday will give the year 8’s a taste of what is to come, so that the “Learning to Live Day” will be more meaningful to them.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.


Terry Hill
(Principal of Mount Lilydale Mercy College)

– Andrew Pereira –

(Bucks Party)

Hi Jeremy,

I just wanted to write and give you a massive thanks for being such an absolute star on Saturday. There is no doubt in my mind that you made the races DWARFSOME and had a lot to do with making the after party heaps of fun for everyone. I hope you enjoyed yourself too.

Cheers Mate.


– Che Stephens –

(Worked at her son’s 7th Birthday)

Hi Jeremy,

I’ll tell you what, Elijah just loves anyone who can dance and you just happen to be a great dancer so guess who his new idol is? You made Elijah’s birthday.
He loves that chain – he has not taken it off since you gave it to him!! I have to sneak in his room at night when he’s asleep and take it off him. He keeps asking me “When am I going to see Jeremy again? He’s so great and he’s a better dancer than me.”
Also, he only wants to wear basketball singlets now and do the robot! You were great with the kids!
He wants you to come to all of his birthday parties now!
Thanks so much for making our night. You really are an awesome person 🙂

Che Stephens

– Melissa –

(Organised Baby Gaga and another female dwarf work a 40th Birthday)

Hi Jeremy,

I just thought i would send you a note telling you how amazing the girls were last night they looked gorgeous and the birthday boy loved them!

I’m so grateful to you and the girls for getting everything organised so quickly and can you please tell the girls a huge thank you from all of us for making the night a sucess!

Thanks again xx