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“The World’s Smallest Strongman”


The Strongest Dwarf In The World

Goliath "The World's Smallest Strongman" can lift over twice his body weight!

Goliath “The World’s Smallest Strongman” performs amazing feats of strength before your very eyes. Watch him make the impossible possible with his superhuman strength!



Goliath (aka The People’s Dwarf) first began performing at Woodford Folk Festival several years ago with the Space Cowboy and his amazing friends. Goliath put on a 12-15minute show in front of packed crowds 3-4times a night and was the talk of the festival.

Goliath then travelled to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival and in 2010 once again worked alongside the guiness world record holder, The Space Cowboy, as well as many other talented sideshow performers (The Great Gordo Gamsby, The Princess Of Pain Zoe Lamore, Anna Lumb the Pocket Rocket, Ruby Rubberlegs, Shep Huntly) and many more.

His show sold out packed houses each and every night, and also earned him a guest spot in the Circus VS Sideshow challenge, to which he helped the Sideshow team beat the Circus challenge by displaying another amazing ability that even he kept hidden away from his friends, his amazing handstand abilities!

Goliath then featured at the Gold Coast Fringe Festival, and performed at various corporate events all around Australia, performing in front of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people.

2011 has been a great start for Goliath with another year at the Adelaide Fringe Festival complete.

He teamed up with The Space Cowboy, Shep Huntly, Lauren Shepherd and Henne the Contortionist at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. They are the Psycho Sideshow and their show blew all their audiences away

Now Goliath is overseas on an international tour of Dublin and London, performing at the Street Performing World Championships, and the Glastonbury Festival.

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Check out his bulging biceps!