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My Story

My Story:

Once upon a time, in a far away place, there lived a family. A husband, a wife and two young boys. One day, the father took the two boys to the park so they could play. As they walked under a big tree, something fell into the father’s shirt pocket. He looked inside and saw a tiny person looking back at him. Not knowing where he came from or what to do, the father decided to take him home and care for him. This tiny person was an instant hit with the family, loved by the father, mother and two boys who became his brothers.

And so began the story of Jeremy!

No not really, but I do enjoy telling that story to kids. They love it!

The real story however is as follows:

Jeremy Hallam first got into the entertainment game back in 2006 with his first agency (Direct Image) that specialised in promotions and modelling. From there, his entertainment career took off! He became an actor, entertainer, public speaker, model and promoter as several agencies and businesses all around Australia sourced him for work in TV, Radio, Magazines, Corporate Functions, Product Launches, Nightclub Promotions, Charity Events and more.
He also got into educating children with public speaking at both primary and high schools. He has built a passion for this and wishes to pursue this avenue a lot more because he feels the general public in Australia are not educated when it comes to learning about dwarfism.

For more information on Jeremy, check out his biography.