Jeremy Hallam (The People’s Dwarf) sings LIVE in Osaka Japan!

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Jeremy Hallam (The People’s Dwarf) sings LIVE in Osaka Japan!

08 Jan Posted by in Personal Reflections | Comments Off on Jeremy Hallam (The People’s Dwarf) sings LIVE in Osaka Japan!
Jeremy Hallam (The People’s Dwarf) sings LIVE in Osaka Japan!

Jeremy Hallam sings “David Gray – This Year’s Love”

The multi-talented “People’s Dwarf” continues to impress everyone he comes across. This time by proving to professional artists from all over the world that he can sing.

During an International Artist Night organised by performers working at Universal Studios Japan, I signed up to perform at the event. It was the last one for the year before most of the performers go back home and continue the next stage of their lives and careers.

I had always wanted to sing but never thought I was good enough. I can do many things very well including dance, performing, acting, achieve amazing feats of strength, motivational speaking and more. But the one thing I always wanted to do was sing.

From a young age, I’ve always loved music. I would listen to all different radio stations and all different genres of music and would sing along to everything that played. I had a knack of remembering lyrics so it was very easy for me to hear a song, learn it and sing it. But I never looked into singing professionally until I was here in Japan surrounded by some of the most amazing people and talent I’ve ever witnessed. From singers, dancers, musicians, and performers… each with their own unique skills and talents – the support from all of them was amazing and thus helped inspire me to sing.

And sing I did! As nervous as I was being surrounded by so much talent, I figured if I’ve done motivational speaking in front of thousands of kids and adults, danced on national TV in various items of clothing (both as male and female), featured on TV and radio for various things, performed my strongman show in sideshow festivals and streetshows around the world, and entertained in many other various ways, then why shouldn’t I be able to sing?

I will admit, the sound check definitely helped. Hearing myself sing in a beautiful venue (Flamingos The Arusha) really helped when it came down to doing it in front of my peers, my friends, my colleagues and fans.

To see the video and photos of my first ever LIVE singing performance, CLICK HERE.

And to everyone in the cast of USJ 2011, I’d like to thank you so much for supporting me. You have all inspired me so much and I am such a better and stronger person than I was before.


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