Thank you SPWC 2011 – Goliath

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Thank you SPWC 2011 – Goliath

Thank you SPWC 2011 – Goliath

Goliath reflects on the Street Performance World Championship experience…

The 2011 Street Performance World Championships were held in Ireland. The festival took place over three cities (Cork, Portlaoise and Dublin). I had the privilege of meeting and competing against the top street performers from all around the world and as a result, have had one of the greatest experiences of my life!

Congratulations to the Space Cowboy on taking out the championship, to Mr Spin for coming in 2nd place, and Funny Bones for coming in third.

It has been an amazing few weeks and I have memories and friends that will last a lifetime. And we even broke a WORLD RECORD of the biggest gatherings of WHERE’S WALLY’s! To see a picture of this amazing achievement, click here. And I had the pleasure of crowd surfing the thousands and thousands of Where’s Wally’s! I’m sad to see it all end but I know I will be back in the future to once again wow the hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland and visit all the amazing people I met here.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank a few people….

– TO MARK AND CONNOR (the organisers of the SPWC),

Thanks so much for having me here. You are both brilliantly talented individuals who have started a festival that brings the best of the best together for an amazing display of talent and skill. I can’t wait to be back again.

– TO SHELL HOLDEN (my personal liaison),

I owe you a HUGE THANKS for getting me here “BOOK HIM! BOOK HIM NOW!!!!”. You are an absolute angel. A beautiful person and someone who truly does exceed at doing her job! I can’t honestly thank you enough. I’m glad to have met you and know that we’ll keep in touch.


You were absolutely brilliant! Had a blast with you down in Cork. Thanks for all of your help with everything from the bank, the partying, the pillow fights, the wrestling match (which i won), getting the velcro put on my shirt ;), and just being amazingly awesome yourself!


It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you. You all have your own unique and special (and truly amazing) talents and I’m glad to have met each and every one of you. I may not have got a chance to see all of you perform your entire show, but I will definitely be keeping in touch with all of you.


Thank you for everything you did on the days of the festival. Through rain, hail and sunshine, you guys still soldiered on and helped make this event the best event possible! It wouldn’t have been the same without you.


Thank you sooooooooo much for your support. Performing in front of such supportive and beautiful audiences is a blessing and you guys were the best! I know what I left with you will remain in your memories for the rest of your life and I look forward to performing in front of all of you again in the coming years.

It’s sad to say goodbye, but I know the memories and experiences I’ve had during my time over here will last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who helped make this experience the greatest! I know that I will definitely be back to visit.

I’ll end this with a motto that I live my life by:
Life is like a deck of cards in a card game. And we all get to play the game called life. Each of us are dealt a hand of cards. Now if you’re reading this, hold your hands out as if you’re holding a hand of cards in your hands right now. Look at those cards, study them… those cards are the hand you’ve been dealt in life. Those cards are who you are. And you can play those cards however you like and live your life however you please.
Now some of you may “think” you didn’t get dealt the best hand in life. There’s one thing I know for sure. Each and every one of you were dealt the beautiful card. We are all beautiful… Remember that!
Now as for my hand of cards, I’m a dwarf so I’ll be shorter than everyone else for the rest of my life. But it gives me the ability to be remembered and leave an impression on everyone I meet. So I make sure every experience I have is a positive one. Plus, I have other cards I can play. I have my strength, and of course, my charming good looks. This is the hand I was dealt, and this is how I play my cards.
Play your hand however you want to play it. This is how I play mine, and in doing so, it allows me to put smiles on everyone’s faces and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Til next time, this is Goliath, The World’s Smallest Strongman saying “stay strong”.

Keep rocking SPWC! I will be back!!!

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