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The Single Life!

The Single Life!

Single life does have its ups and downs….
Ups – it lets you evaluate yourself as a person and as a compatible partner. It also gives you the freedom to experiment and have the freedom to go outside ‘relationship’ boundaries and see different people’s reactions.
Downs – You don’t have the constant companionship of always having someone to cuddle up to. You also don’t get to experience how you tolerate a person as they tolerate you…

Best of both worlds – either way, you learn from both experiences. Whether you’re single or not, either is a blessing because as a person, you are put in the situation to learn. Whether its about other people, or about yourself, you learn and move forward as a better person. AND THEN – when you meet another person, THAT person may or may not be one of those special people that is privileged to get close to you…