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Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens

We are the kings… We are the queens…

My reference is to our everyday kings and queens (not the royal family). People we idolise, listen to, admire, believe in, and sometimes even mimic. The ones we involve in our everyday lives.
I recently went to the 30 Seconds To Mars concert, an American rock band, as they toured Australia and played at Festival Hall on Wednesday July 28. They are known for their uplifting lyrics and music and are loved by millions around the globe. I was lucky enough to attend their concert thanks to a good friend who scored me some tickets.

As 30 Seconds To Mars played, I watched as thousands of fans hung on every note, every word, every lyric and sentence Jared Leto (the lead singer) spoke. They sung along to his music, cheered when he reached notes thought physically impossible to hit, applauded and screamed any time he came close to the edge of the stage… To them, he was a king! To me – he was a king! For I felt the energy, the excitement, and the admiration for Jared and the band.

The life of a rockstar brings about one of the biggest thrills I think any human being can ever feel. Performing on a stage in front of thousands of fans who are there to see you, hear you, and hang on your every word, who idolise you, who would do almost anything for you even though they don’t know you – would have to be one of the most amazing feelings a human being could ever feel. The energy is electrifying, through the shouts, screams, cheers and applause which in turn, charges through you like a shock that keeps you going and going (like the energizer bunny).

I’ve had a brief moment where I, Jeremy Hallam, got a taste of this energy when I was lucky enough to get up on stage at the Chris Brown and Rihanna concert last year. I was one of the few fans to be chosen to get up on stage and dance with Chris Brown – and we all know how much he was loved.
(note: this was before the beating of Rihanna so he was still loved by all)
I pointed to Chris Brown when he was up one end of the stage and proceeded to do “the worm”. The crowd erupted into a frenzy of cheers, screams and applause and even Chris Brown loved it and cheered me on from the other side of the stage, pointing at me and cheering. He came over and proceeded to dance with only me until the song was over.

For that brief moment – I felt the electricity, the excitement, and the feeling that these rockstars get. They are idolised and cheered on by us, their fans. No wonder why they can do so many performances – they feed off the energy from us. I have a huge amount of respect for what they do.

To us – they are our kings and queens.



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