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The end of a roller coaster

The end of a roller coaster

Many things have occurred over the past few weeks that have sent my life on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, with many unexpected twists and turns. There were times where I felt scared, not knowing what was coming next. Breath after breath, experiencing unexpected turns and bumps hitting me smack bang in the face. Fear rose up inside, doubt crept up, and I felt myself losing faith.
But somewhere deep down, there was this longing to hang on… For I knew that, it would all end soon. That there would be a happy ending. I could feel the calm winds, the slowing speeds, the relaxing calm of the cool breeze approaching. All I had to do was hold on for the last few twists and turns.

The sensation of release… the feeling of freedom… the longing for sensation and joyful appreciation came tonight. I was surrounded by 100+ patrons inside a venue I know very well. Music playing, drinks flowing, bar staff serving, patrons conversing.
And I sat on a bench with the friends closest to me. Each one of them giving me a sense of comfort, a sense of relaxation, a sense of joy because they respected me as much as I respected them. And as I looked around, drinking my cold beverage, everything stopped for a moment………
I had reached my destination…
In that brief moment, I was in the happiest place I could have been in, surrounded by the greatest people I know. And I was happy to be there. I could’ve stayed in that moment forever…
I realised though that time doesn’t stop. And so began my next roller coaster ride. But for me, the end of this particular roller coaster ride will last forever. This will be one of those moments that I will never forget.



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