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Appreciation – from family, friends, associates, even a random stranger can make a world of difference. Having a bad day, struggling with a task, running late, juggling too many things – those special people that help keep us going, that lend a hand or even a word of support, make a world of difference. It’s these people in the world today that should be appreciated.

Think about a time where you were struggling with something and were helped. Did you say thank you? Did you show the kind individual your appreciation for helping you through? I’m sure we all do, but just in case we forgot, give them a call, send them a message, give them a hug and say thanks! To all the great people out there, thank you for being you.



  • Jo says:

    Hi Jeremy, great to see you doing so well. I actually recognised you a year or so ago in your car down Stud Rd, love the rego 🙂 I went to Knox Gardens and was a few years ahead of you. Mum’s still teaching there believe it or not, veteran! All the very best – loved the Red Faces number tonight on Hey Hey!

  • brook renwick says:

    You guys have a great sense of humour….I think you will make a name for yourselves. I saw you on Hey, hey tonight….funny stuff. Thanks for the entertainment!

  • Illissandra says:

    You guys are true legends, huge pat on the back for providing ozzies watching hey hey with quality entertainment. Bout time there was something decent on red faces! Huge congrats 🙂

  • rob dickinson says:

    saw you guys on hey hey, you were great keep up the good work hope all goes well

  • Margaret says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your performance on Hey Hey last night – you are true professionals. I would love to see the act again some time, very entertaining.

  • Nath says:

    Keep up the good work fellas!!

  • Nikki Pratt says:

    Jeremy you amaze me!!

    Love you heaps

    Nikki xxx

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